Quality first: every phase of the production is carefully planned

Cantina Priorino rubinetto botte

Passion, quality and craftmanship: the three keywords of the Priorino Cellar, which you’ll discover right at the first tasting. Quality is the main feature: a careful selection process goes on trough every phase of the production of our wines.

Nothing is left to itself: every detail is handmade with wisdom and expertise. Using the most natural treatments possible, Jacopo and his coworkers follow every step closely, from the vineyard to the bunch, to the single grape, to be sure they’re delivering the best possible product.

Just like an artisan workshop, inside the Priorino Cellar every wine is well-finished: this is what makes the real difference and gives the final, original touch. Every single bottle is a unique and precious creation, the only possible result of a dedicated, passionate work.


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